Davood Heidari-Kani

As a graduate student of computer science, I have tried to play my role towards the welfare of our society by working on sustainable transportation systems. My first research work was on the development of an intelligent transportation system in order to circumvent traffic problems by optimally scheduling the traffic lights in different parts of our town (Babol, Iran).

This project was conducted as my M.Sc. thesis at Tarbiat Modares University (Tehran, Iran) under supervision of Prof. Dr. Mahdi Ghatee. The outcome of this work was two scientific publications in national Iranian journals and conferences. I have also worked for more than four years as computer programmer, marketing manager, and researcher at several Iranian companies as well as entrepreneur in the field of computer science and information technology. To stay in contact with other researchers and with the latest scientific contributions, I have became a member of AmirKabir Research Institute of Intelligent Transportation System since 2015.

Currently, my research interest is on artificial intelligence, data mining, e-commerce, intelligent transportation system, internet of things, optimization, and wireless networks.



Research and projects

Research and projects

Development of an intelligent transportation system for Babol city (Mazandaran, Iran)

The objective of this research was to apply Information Technology services on the development of an intelligent transportation system in order to circumvent traffic problems by optimally scheduling the traffic lights in different parts of the city. After successful accomplishment, the next phase of the project was initiated on taxi-driver advertisement. At this position, we worked as a computer programming team on Taxi-driver Software.


Davood Heidari-Kani, Arash Raeisi, A solution for traffic allocation by different optimization methods in order to schedule smart traffic lights, The 15th International Conference on Transportation and Traffic Engineering, 2015 (In Farsi)
Davood Heidari-Kani, Arash Raeisi, Sahar Janjani, A method of scheduling smart traffic lights by the data of SCATS system, Journal of City and Building, 2015, Vol. 102 (In Farsi)

Educational Packages

Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, and Numerical Calculations, Mahan Institute of Higher Education, Tehran, 2012



01. Participation in national conferences:
  • This review of the papers at third International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology organized at Hamadan, Iran (2018)
02. Marketing manager:
  • I have worked as a full time employee at Azarabkesht Company since 2018. The main field of activities is on fertilizer production. Besides, the company have several greenhouses for production of vegetables and flowers.
03. Membership
04.  Entrepreneur

I have established two companies namely, Mehrsystem co. and Noandishan Sanat Badie Co.

The range of activities we got busy at these works are as follows:

  • Startup of Behgam educational institute
  • Management of local smart market (NoAndishan Javan)
  • Launching company website and marketing systems for companies such as the website of Haftrang active on handicrafts industry
  • Ghahraman Kuchulu animation (a game for kids)


Programming languages:

  • HTML; C#; Visual Basic; Matlab; LaTeX; Phyton; C++


  • Microsoft; Network +; Windows 7; Linux; CCNA; MCITP; R; WEKA; RapidMiner; SQL; AimSUN

Dgital Skills

Information processing (proficient user) 85%
Communication (proficient user) 90%
Content creation (proficient user) 78%
Safety (independent user) 93%
Problem solving (independent user) 85%

The best memories in my life

The best memories in my life had a message for the beauty of the upcoming days in the future. To remind myself and find the path, the pictures are the best techniques as once mentioned implicitly in the great movie ‘Memento’.




It is my honor to collaborate with those having beautiful minds and novel ideas for welfare of humankind. You can trust on me if you find my expertise helpful towards our mutual goal as well as think of me as the right choice for your team. It would be my honor to expand my knowledge by starting new projects in new environments. Please feel free to contact me in case of having any further queries.